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All Aboard For Santa is an imaginative graphical adventure for the whole family. Santa is away at his summer retreat on an island in the Secret Valley, designing new toys for the coming Christmas. Back at the North Pole, you — Fizbin the elf, that is — have been enjoying a restful break. But then comes an urgent phone call. Santa’s boat has washed up on shore, empty except for his pet monkey. Someone will have to rescue him, and you’re the only one with experience. Are you ready for another adventure?

Your base is a quaint fishing village...

The village of Crabwise CoveThe small and peaceful village of Crabwise Cove is at the south end of a large lake. This is where Santa was last seen. The friendly villagers are often to be found at a local restaurant and entertainment spot called The Canteana, where the good conversation helps make up for a somewhat limited menu. It’s the place to go when you want to pick up gossip and rumors that may be helpful in your quest.

Time to go exploring...

The RednoseSanta’s own boat, the Rednose, is waiting at the dock. Such a fast, reliable, and above all durable boat is just what you need for exploring the lake and its mysterious islands. Now you can search for clues! Santa is surely somewhere nearby, but where?

All Aboard For Santa is a graphical adventure game whose theme is exploration. Each puzzle you solve takes you further into the unfolding story, and one step closer to winning. If you get stuck, the built-in hint feature supplies just the right amount of help. Keep your wits about you, and don’t give up until you’ve completed your mission by rescuing Santa!

  • Beautifully illustrated! — Full-color renderings by Brigid Skelton
  • Educational! — Includes an Explorer quiz on the Canteana stage!
  • Non-violent! — No violence whatsoever
  • Stimulating! — We promise hours of absorbing play for ages 8-104
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What others say...

Thanks for such great fun. My son and I just finished All Aboard for Santa and found it quite a challenge!

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