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Crypto Hangperson

Here’s a great way to sharpen up or show off your vocabulary and verbal skills! Crypto Hangperson, a sophisticated new scion of the Hangman family, brings a cryptic twist, inspired by classic British crossword puzzles, to the venerable game.

Our local hangperson has 50 words to taunt you with, and for each one he or she provides a clue that is almost sure not to take you straight to the solution. You will need to solve the riddle of the clue — or be lucky — to avoid the noose. Knowing a lot of words, and how to spell them, may also be of help. Guessing 8 incorrect letters in a round is a capital offence, and you will be hanged every time you do it.

If you enjoy this game, you are probably a word gamer with a yen for a challenge. If you would like to play a larger (200+ words) version of Crypto Hangperson on your Android device, please visit its page on Google Play.

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