More Free Games!

Here are some of our smaller computer games — just download and enjoy! These are downloadable games for Windows computers (Windows 95 or later). All were written by Nick Sullivan of AHA! Software between 1997 and 2005.


Here’s a pair of wit-sharpening puzzle games with which to while away some time. The variable difficulty levels let you build up your skills.


Hierophant Hierophant is a puzzle game rather like a 2-dimensional Rubik's cube. Unscramble the mystic symbol! Multiple difficulty levels.


Oktagon Oktagon is actually two separate octagonal puzzles in one program. One is a mosaic puzzle, somewhat like tangrams; the other is a brain-teaser involving concentric rings.

Strategy games

If you have the fiendish type of mind that thrives on abstract strategy games, here are three originals for your enjoyment. Each can be played against either the computer or another person.


Pic-Tac-Toe Pic-Tac-Toe is a bit like a 3-D tic-tac-toe game that has been flattened out onto a plane. Colorful and configurable — but not easy!


Valvo Valvo belongs to the backgammon family of games, but from a much simpler branch than its famous cousin… Easy rules; tricky tactics — looking ahead is vital!


Venables Venables is a highly cerebral game with an unusual indirect movement rule. Those who enjoy this game have passed the egghead test.

Word games

We have two word games in our Game Shop, and two less elaborate ones here on the free page. Don’t be fooled, though — these little games will nevertheless provide an interesting challenge to all comers.


Jumble Jumble has nothing at all to do with the well-known newspaper puzzle of the same name. Race against time to decode familiar phrases given several choices for each letter.


Whirlwords Whirlwords is an interesting twist on those pencil and paper word chain games where you must 'evolve' one word into another by changing a single letter at each step.

Just for fun

Of course, you could say all our games are fun! Here’s one for preschoolers, and one for those who love Christmas.

Sean’s Magic Slate

Sean’s Magic Slate Sean’s Magic Slate is a very easy-to-use coloring book for small children. Create your own picture from interesting settings and objects. Choose a color and click!

Screen Saver

Screen Saver Our Christmas Trivia Screen Saver enhances your family computer for the holiday season with a beautiful living-room scene with a fireplace and tree, MIDI carols, and displays of Christmas lore.