Frequently Asked Questions

How do your games work?

Our games and educational software programs are available by download, and are for PC computers running Windows XP or later. Just download and install, and you’re ready to start.

Some of our games (the ones on the home page) have extra features that require a registration code. You can obtain a registration code for free by filling out this form on our site.

Is it safe to download one of your games?

Yes, it is! We’ve been around since 1995, and our games won’t harm your computer.

How much do your games cost?

As of December 10, 2019, our games are all free. Some require a registration code, which you can obtain (also for free) elsewhere on our site as explained above.

Do I have to register?

No, you don’t. The educational software and many of the games provide a complete experience without registration; it’s just that you don’t get extra features. In the adventure games, you will reach a point where you must register to complete the quest. In Santa’s House, eventually the butter will run out and you won’t be able to make any more cookies without registering.

I’m stuck!

Some of the puzzles in the adventure games require a lot of brain-power to solve, but it is possible to get through the game without hints if you are willing to just keep trying. You will get more out of the game if you don’t resort to hints too quickly. If the frustration is exceeding the pleasure, see our Hints page for help.

Does this site have anything to do with Walt’s Band?

Why, yes, it does. While Nick has played many kinds of music for many, many years, he only started learning about websites in 1995. Without his experiences with Family Games and the other websites, he never would have been able to create Walt’s Band. However, when working at Family Games, Nick rarely wears a hat.